We offer Contracting Service in Saudi
  • Saudi Development Contracting Est

    One of the businesses offering engineering support services to all industrial, construction, and operational sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Saudi Development Contracting Est.
  • Electrical & Instrumentation

    At Saudi Development Contracting Est, we offer comprehensive electrical and instrumentation services to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and safety of your operations.
  • Human resource Services(HRS)

    Our manpower supply services offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to quickly access the skilled workforce you need to get your job done.

المؤسسة السعودية لمقاولات التنمية

Welcome to Saudi Development Contracting Est! We are a leading construction and contracting company based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Since our establishment in 2010, we have been dedicated to delivering exceptional services and innovative solutions in the construction industry.
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We are committed to provide safe General Contracting Services to Companies


Our mission at Saudi Development Contracting Est is to deliver excellence in construction and contracting services by utilizing our expertise, advanced technologies, and a customer-centric approach. We are committed to providing high-quality solutions in civil construction, electrical and instrumentation, and maintenance services. Through our dedicated team of professionals, we aim to exceed client expectations,


Our vision at Saudi Development Contracting Est is to be the premier construction and contracting company in Saudi Arabia, recognized for our exceptional quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. We strive to be the preferred choice for our clients, providing them with reliable, efficient, and sustainable solutions that contribute to the development and growth of the nation.

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